Irrigation channelling

The seasonality of river waterways and the need for a regular supply require the storage, control and management of these flows provided by nature.

The efficient distribution and control of the use of this resource is an important focus in the sustainable management of water, which in the case of irrigation, basis itself on the implementation or modernisation of necessary infrastructures:

  • Deposits and regulation reservoirs.
  • Pumping stations.
  • Pressurised pumping and their safety elements.
  • Distribution networks that reach the site.
  • Control and management of use.

Additionally, in order to create safe and efficient distribution and evacuation networks, in-depth hydraulic knowledge is needed, as well as innovative design tools and the best construction practices, which in turn allow us to carry out projects such as:

  • Supply networks, up to household connections.
  • Sanitation, gravity and pressure networks.
  • Terrestrial and underwater emissaries.

That is why Hidroener, Obras e Instalaciones, S.L. professionals are specialised engineers who have extensive experience in the sector, ensuring the company can undertake any work of this type.

Water treatments plants

Drinking Water Treatment Plant (DWTP)

The world’s growing population and their rising quality of life require a continuous increase in the quantity and quality of water destined for human consumption.

Hidroener, Obras e Instalaciones, S.L. has the necessary resources and personnel to undertake catchment and purification projects capable of addressing the new challenges of a growing population.

The purification processes that we can apply are:

  • Pre-oxidation with permanganate.
  • Flocculation with sulphate.
  • Pre-ozonation and chemical dosage.
  • Absorption on activated carbon powder.
  • Lamella Clarifier, sludge blanket.
  • Monolayer and multilayer filtration
  • Filtration on activated carbon bed.
  • Intermediate ozonation.
  • UV disinfection, chlorination and fluorination.
  • Wash water recovery line.

Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)

The purification of wastewater is an indispensable tool to achieve sustainable development. Human activity introduces high concentrations of organic, inorganic and biological pollution in wastewaters, resulting in natural purification no longer being self-sufficient.

Hidroener, Obras e Instalaciones, S.L. has the necessary means and personnel to undertake conventional wastewater treatment projects, among which we highlight:

Water Line:

  • Pre-treatments and physical-chemical treatments.
  • Decantation and flotation.
  • Active sludge.
  • Elimination of N and P.
  • Anaerobic processes.
  • MBR biological processes.
  • Chemical, biological and adsorption deodorisation.

Sludge Lines:

  • Digestion.
  • Thickening by gravity.
  • Dehydratation
  • Drying at low temperature.

Civil engineering

The concept of civil engineering is very broad and in this case, we use it to define those projects that Hidroener, Obras y Instalaciones S.L. can develop but which have not been mentioned.

Hidroener, Obras e Instalaciones, S.L. currently has the means and personnel necessary to undertake any type of project related to civil engineering works, such as roads, urbanisations, enclosures, industrial buildings and in general any project related to our activities, either as a complete project or as part of a bigger project such as a photovoltaic plant.